The Most Powerful Thing Women Can Do: Melinda Garvey

“I never turn down a lunch. I never turn down a dinner.”

Such is the infinite wisdom of Melinda Garvey, founder of both On the Dot and Austin Woman Magazine. After building a media empire to lift women up, Melinda created a model for modern networking that speaks precisely to this cultural moment. In this episode, she talks to us about:

-The most powerful thing women can do to help each other succeed in business

-How she tuned her ear for women’s stories, then turned those conversations into opportunity 

-Her daily habit of introducing two people to one another (yes, during 2020!)

-Some of her most memorable Austin Woman Magazine cover women 

Melinda is the best kind of influencer: humble, passionate about others’ success, and endlessly curious. Her energy is the perfect antidote for these times, and her words will inspire you to expand your network…starting today. 

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