How do you feel today?

Good news: there’s no wrong answer.

Hey y’all! I’m Andra.

I work with families, schools and businesses to create emotionally healthy spaces. I’m thrilled that you’re here!

I’m the founder and CEO of The Kindness Campaign, which teaches emotional health skills beginning at age 3. I’m also the drummer in a band, and it was there that my emotional health journey began...through a mirror, of all things. [Cue record scratch.]

Today, I’m on a journey with thousands to sing a new song: one where we belt out the words “I AM ENOUGH,” and teach that catchy tune to others too. Ready to jam?

“Andra Liemandt’s passion and commitment for empowering and inspiring others is at the heart of who she is. From leading a nonprofit devoted to equipping kids with the social emotional skills needed to be kind leaders, to her podcast sharing the stories of women who have chased their dreams, her mission to inspire, empower and connect us is needed now more than ever.”

-Lisa Jauregui, CEO, BK Beauty

Let’s rock.

Talk to me:

You’re a parent who wants an emotionally healthy household

Yes please!

Talk to me:

You’re an educator seeking social emotional learning tools for your campus

I sure am

Talk to me:

You’re a company or organization looking for an emotional health speaker or workshop facilitator

Nailed it

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