I Want Them to Leave with a Relationship: Stephanie Coultress O’Neill

What happens when a therapist opens up a clothing boutique? A completely different approach to retail, and we mean…completely.

In today’s episode with Stephanie Coultress O’Neill, we discover how this passionate, fascinating person took her love of people and communication, and married it with fashion. She opens up to us about:

  • Her philosophy for opening a boutique: one built on safe space, meaningful conversation, and a relationship that goes way beyond the cash register
  • Her professional pivot, from being a therapist in private practice, to starting over in the fashion and retail world
  • How changing locations changed her business (for the better)
  • How she pivoted (again!) once COVID hit, and leveraged her deep customer relationships to serve them in new and innovative ways.

Stephanie says she loves people even more than the product she sells, and folks – that’s it, right there! We hope you love her story of how she used a small business to deepen her human connections. 

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