Find Your “Balcony People:”
Kelly Wynne

10/10 would recommend *this episode* for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

Kelly Wynne is a local Austin fashion brand founded in 2012 by designer Kelly Wynne Ferguson. She created and launched her first line of handbags in the spring of 2013 and has been #wynning ever since. 

Kelly is an inspiration to many, and has always struck me as confident, bold, and a woman on a mission. But in this conversation, she reminds us that you don’t need to be perfect all the time. Your vulnerability lets people in, and helps deepen the human connections that make any business (or parenting!) venture worthwhile. 

For moms juggling work and kids…I feel like this episode will really resonate.

I was so honored to share this time with her, and hope you love this episode. ENJOY!


In the episode, she shares: 

  • How she went from handbag-designing pipe dream to big time BRAND.
  • The mentor who took her dream seriously (even when Kelly didn’t).
  • The divinely orchestrated way she got involved with Refuge Ranch, and their mission of healing for victims of sex trafficking.
  • Her journey with postpartum depression, and how she came out strong on the other side.


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