As You Climb, Lift:
Kristie Gonzales

Ever stared a rock-bottom moment straight in the eyes? 

Kristie Gonzales has! But today, this beautiful, funny friend is here to tell us how she picked herself back up, and became the undeniable powerhouse she is today.

Kristie is the President and General Manager of KVUE, the ABC affiliate here in Austin, Texas. On a daily basis, she leads a staff of over 125 who produce 33 hours of award-winning live news and programming each week. Yeah, she’s pretty amazing!

But you’ll never guess what her career plans were before TV (ok, I’ll tell you: Artist! Missionary!), and how she made it to the top. 

Folks! You’ll want to take on the WORLD after this episode. Give it a listen!

In the episode, she shares:

  • How she survived abuse, and a tragic family death, all while entering the TV biz.
  • The mentor who changed her life forever.
  • How her confidence has been forged through fire, through career promotions and rejections.
  • Why mentoring women and minorities is a part of her regular schedule, and her inspiring personal mantra: “As you climb, lift.”


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