Don’t Let Other People’s Fear Hold You Back: Taylor Ellison

Taylor Ellison calls herself “equal parts donuts and essential oils,” which tells you what kind of (amazing) person we’re dealing with on this episode. Early in her professional career, Taylor worked for Teach For America, she was steeped in academia, and things were moving along at an even clip…until she realized she was on the completely wrong life path.

What comes next? How about a total career jump to television hosting? “Everyone in my life thought I was crazy,” she says. But you know who was the one person who believed in her vision? Taylor. On this episode, she talks about:

  • How she course-corrected her professional goals,
  • How she broke into TV by auditioning at a local competition,
  • How her family came around to become her biggest cheerleaders,
  • How she launched a mindfulness platform to help others find peace, and listen to their inner voice. 

As Taylor says, “your passions are your purpose.” So don’t ignore them! 

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