Change Your Choices, Change Your Life: SaulPaul

Charismatic and unbelievably talented, musician SaulPaul has quite the resume. Grammy nominee, check. TEDx talker, check. Author, playwright, ACL Music Festival alum? Check, check, check! 

But felony convictions, incarceration, and foster care are also part of SaulPaul’s incredible life story. After being released from prison, he was accepted to University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated with a 4.0. Today on the show, he shares: 

  • His childhood of making good grades and getting made fun of, but getting arrested and earning respect (and, why he’s determined to turn that around for young people today)
  • How he traded personal training sessions for guitar lessons, and became a musician
  • His new Be the Change Network, and its mission to amplify the good
  • An original and totally on-the-spot FLOW! 

As SaulPaul proves, there’s still time to become the person of your dreams. 

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